Tír na Trí is the curious and absurd story of three Irish siblings in Gaelic times:

Fergal Mac Tíre, a moody warrior with Kingly aspirations; his half-brother Fiach Mac Tíre, a sensitive File (or sacred poet) in training; and his half-sister Fionnuala Nic Thíre, a Wild Woman who enjoys using her arcane magic skills to troll the new Faith.

Season 1:

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Historicity Disclaimer:
This comic strip is a work of fiction and though it intends to be informative, it uses parody and the absurd in its storytelling. Hence, it shouldn't be deemed a faithful, factual representation of Irish history, traditions, customs, archaeology, etc. If you're interested in a realistic study of Gaelic Ireland, feel free to check out my suggested reading list or articles.